Octave chooses Rittal enclosures to house sustainable energy storage systems (28 November 2023)

Brussels cleantech start-up Octave, which gives batteries from electric cars (EVs) a second life in stationary energy storage systems, chooses cabinets from Rittal, a world player in enclosure technology and IT infrastructure. A battery unit was installed in the depot of Futech of Tessenderlo.

Eight million euros Welfare Fund capital for modular construction company Skilpod (Nov. 7, 2023)

3D modular construction company Skilpod from Geel is boosting its growth ambitions with a substantial capital increase of 11 million euros. Current shareholders consisting of founders Filip Timmermans and Jan Vrijs, Group Van Roey and U2P Group welcome the Welvaartsfonds as a new investor.

Trends Knack – E-bike manufacturer Ellio raises €5 million fresh capital for international expansion (July 17, 2023)

Belgian e-bike manufacturer Ellio has raised 5 million euros of fresh capital to finance its continued product development and international growth.

VTM News – Bicycle manufacturer Ellio and VSV join hands for speed pedelec safety training (May 7, 2023)

Bicycle manufacturer Ellio, part of U2P Group, and the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV) are now joining forces to offer safety training for those who buy a speed pedelec. The dangers are often underestimated, and the “Slim op de speedpedelec” campaign should drastically reduce the number of accidents. The first safety training with Ellio was extensively pictured during the VTM news of May 7, 2023, to be seen in the press article below from newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.

Interview Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal (Futech) in Bedrijvig Limburg (3 April 2023)

As an entrepreneur, how do you get the highest return from a solar energy installation? In other words, how do you combine maximum electrification with the lowest possible bill? Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal, CEO of solar panel installer Futech, argues in Bedrijvig Limburg for a holistic vision in terms of solar panels, charging stations and batteries.

Publication Secury 360 & Futech in Het Laatste Nieuws (3 Feb 2023)

Solar panel expert Futech has been plagued by copper thefts in recent months, but they have now teamed up with Secury 360 to find a solution: cameras that use artificial intelligence. “The potential burglar is spotted by our cameras even before they can enter the roof,” says Futech.

Publication Octave in La Libre Belgique (13 Dec 2022)

Octave offers sustainable (e.g. circular) and smart Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), built up in a modular design, customizable in function of the customer’s needs. Additionally, Octave offers maintenance services to extend the life of the battery system and a state-of-the-art Optimal Battery Control system to maximize the Value for battery.

Octave’s innovative solutions are very enthusiastically received by the market. The leading Belgian newspaper ‘La Libre Belgique’ recently published an article on the success story that this start-up, located in the Brussels area, is currently writing. Learn more about it via the link below!